The process explained

Step 1

Complete online form

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The form needs to be completed fully and accurately in order for us to prepare your documentation. This step should take approximately 20 minutes.

Should you prefer to complete an offline PDF form, please download here.

Step 2

Pay our fee and submit form

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Once you have completed and submitted the online form, you will be directed to our payment page. We presently accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card;
  • EFT; or
  • Direct Deposit.

Please note that we do not accept cheque deposits.

Step 3

We prepare your documents and email it to you within two (2) business days

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Upon receipt of your form and payment, we will prepare your documents and email it to you, which includes the following:

  • Form J401: Trust Registrations and Amendment Form
  • Deed of Trust
  • J417: Acceptance of Trusteeship for each Trustee
  • J450: Beneficiaries Declaration
  • J405: Undertaking by Auditor/Accountant (if required)

Step 4

Print and sign your documents and email it to us

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Should you find the documents to be in order, print and sign them and email scanned copies to us check that all is in order.

Step 5

Pay the Master’s Fee and submit the documents to the Master for registration

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We will furnish you with proof of payment of the Master’s Fee, together with a cover letter to the Master and their relevant contact information for you to submit your documents to the Master for registration. Once your trust is registered, the Master will furnish you with a Letter of Authority confirming registration of your trust.

Alternatively, for an additional nominal fee, you may send the original signed documents to us (together with the required supporting documentation) via registered post, overnight mail or counter-to-counter mail. Upon receipt of your original documents, we will compile your documents and submit them to the Master of the High Court for registration. We will confirm registration via email and the original Letter of Authority will be delivered to you via registered post in due course, upon receipt thereof from the Master, which usually takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks depending on the area. (In Johannesburg, we are experience delays up to 7 weeks.)