About Us

EasyTrusts.co.za is a service of Easy Online Legal Services and we have been providing trusted online services since 2010.

It is a misconception that trusts are only for the super wealthy. The use of a trust and proper estate planning offers several advantages, including asset protection and estate planning benefits. Browse through our website and understand how a trust could work for you.

Our website aims to provide your with adequate information to help you reach an informed decision and to assist you to register a Trust or prepare your Will and Testament in just a few steps.

EasyTrusts.co.za offers an affordable convenient option to assist you with estate planning and trust registrations. Our services include the following:

  • Inter Vivos Discretionary Trusts
  • Special Trusts
  • Non-Profit and/or Charitable Trusts
  • Trust Amendments
  • Wills and Estate Planning